Zombiewood 1.0.0

Hollywood zombieland


  • Good gameplay
  • Can get addictive


  • Gets frustrating at times

Very good

Zombiewood is another shoot 'em up game featuring zombies.

Taking place in Hollywood, the environments take a lot of cues from action movie sets. Much of what you see on screen can be destroyed, and Zombiewood actually has bonuses for destroying items in each level.

Visually the game has a cartoon graphic look that allows for the main character to mirror the uber-hero. There are different types of zombies with separate appearances that are recognizable so you know what type of zombie is attacking you.

Controls in Zombiewood are a little annoying because they do not always work like you want. You move with the left pad and shoot with the right.

Zombiewood contains 13 maps and 68 missions giving you a lot of gameplay to experience.

Zombiewood is a great game for players who just want to run-and-gun

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Zombiewood 1.0.0

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